Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters: "Values Rather Than Valuables" - Sara Geballe, Memoir Crafters

>We are all familiar with legal wills in which we bequeath to others our worldly possessions – our valuables. An Ethical Will is for bequeathing the “intangibles” in our lives – our values. An Ethical Will or Legacy Letter is a powerful way to share your core beliefs, life lessons learned, hopes, dreams, and personal reflections with the people you care about most. More valuable than a diamond bracelet or ruby slipper, your loved ones will find your Ethical Will/Legacy Letter “priceless.” Learn about the benefits of Ethical Wills and Legacy Letters – both those who write them and to those who receive them. Sara Geballe assists people in preserving the stories of their lives in book form. Through a series of relaxing and enjoyable conversations, she can help craft your life story in your own voice. The result is a beautifully written and bound heirloom-quality book written in your own words, and illustrated with the photographs you cherish.

She also write legacy letters, ethical wills, memorials, tributes, mini-memoirs, and one-page biosheets. Let her capture the words of your lifetime!

When: Thursday January 10, 2013 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting at On Rice – Fairhaven Presenter: Sara Geballe, Memoir Crafters