To ensure a noncompetitive atmosphere, membership is limited to one person per profession. Applicants who are members of multi-level marketing businesses may apply to join to promote the products or services of their business, but not to actively promote the “down line” multi-level marketing business opportunity itself. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING the Whatcom Women’s Network, PLEASE VISIT ONE OF OUR WEEKLY MEETINGS. If you have visited at least one meeting and would like to apply please click below.


A commitment of weekly attendance is respectfully requested of all WWN members. More than 12 absences per year may result in loss of membership, although leaves of absence are granted by application. Members who are unable to attend a meeting are asked to notify another member and, if possible, send a substitute. Please see the Attendance Policy for details.


WWN fees are $20 per month plus $30 to join. Additional donations for special promotions and charitable causes may also be invited, but are not mandatory.  Please see the Dues Policy for details.