10-point financial health checkup for small business & sole proprietors

Do you know the building blocks for a financially health small business? Are you structured properly? Are you paying the minimum legal and ethical amount in tax? Can you spot financial difficulties before they arise so you can resolve them before they hit? Is your business plan supporting your life plan?

WWN member Siobhan Murphy, CPA with Thrive Business Group, will talk you through a 10-point financial health checkup for your small business. This will help you determine if your foundation is complete, your day-to-day factors are running smoothly and to your benefit, and your business is serving your bigger picture goals and vision.

Come hear Siobahn's tips at our Nov. 30 meeting, noon at the Gateway Centre.

Meet Dr. Betty Callen

One of WWN's newest members, Dr. Betty Callen will talk about her chiropractic practice at the Nov. 16 meeting. Dr. Callen uses a method known as Chiropractic BioPhysics in adjusting her patients as well as specializing in scoliosis treatment. Whether a patient needs to get out of pain, avoid spinal surgery or wants to prolong an active lifestyle, Dr. Callen can help.

Guest Speaker: Assistance League

This week, Whatcom Women's Network welcomes a representative of the Assistance League of Bellingham as our Nov. 1 speaker. Join us as she shares their community-based philanthropy work:

  • New clothes and other necessities for youth in need
  • Summer enrichment scholarships for middle and high school students
  • Gifts for care center residents
  • Emergency clothing for hospital ER patients

And don't forget to support the Assistance League's programs by shopping at their Thrift & Gift Shop at 2817 Meridian St.


The roles we play

Counselor/therapist Virginia Malmquist of Heron Reach Counseling is our Oct. 26 speaker. Virginia will address the roles we as family members may play when we have a family member suffering from addiction. 

In her practice, Virginia works with individuals and couples, dealing with divorce, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD and gender diversity.

Social engineering and your company’s security

New WWN member Crystal King is our speaker for Thursday, Oct. 19. King, the business development director for NW Technology of Ferndale, will discuss social engineering. Social engineering is the dark art of manipulating people to give up confidential information. Criminals have been using this tactic since the beginning of time, but today with our technological advances they are finding creative ways to exploit our natural human instinct to trust. After all, it’s easier to gain access to a company’s sensitive information by using people than discovering ways to hack into your software. What is the strength of your security online and off?