Chocolate with a purpose

BIJA Chocolates was created as a business and social enterprise that uses cacao to raise awareness to the human cost of chocolate and provides economic opportunities to groups throughout the world. BIJA Chocolates is working towards providing support for 24 certified organic women’s cooperatives throughout the equatorial belt to positively impact the women and their communities. Recently, BIJA was recognized by Whole Foods Market as one of the most innovative small businesses in America that creates impact through ethical sourcing and social entrepreneurship. BIJA co-founder Ariana Lee shares stories from BIJA at our July 26 meeting.

Tim Ballew II, 42nd District Candidate

Tim Ballew II, candidate for the 42nd District state senate seat, is our June 21 speaker.

Ballew, who was recently appointed to the at-large position of the Whatcom County Council is also a former Lummi Nation chairman. He is running against incumbent Sen. Doug Ericksen of Ferndale and Bellingham City Council member Pinky Vargas. Vargas spoke to WWN earlier this year; Ericksen’s campaign did not respond to requests to speak.

Ballew will share his platform and take questions. Guests are welcome to attend. 

Developing emotional intelligence

Counselor/therapist Virginia Malmquist will speak about emotional intelligence at our June 7 meeting. People with average IQs outperform people with high IQs approximately 70% of the time. Research suggests this is because they have higher levels of emotional intelligence. In many respects, this is something you can develop in yourself. Virginia will cover the 18 traits of high emotional intelligence and talk about how one can enhance these qualities.

Mary Kay's "Timewise" gets an update

In 2000 Mary Kay released a new line of skin care called Timewise. It was designed to help busy women take really good care of their skin – in less time, without having to use so many products. The main product, 3-in-1 Cleanser, combined three important steps – cleanse, exfoliate and freshen (tone). The skin care line also included Age-Fighting Moisturizer. Added to the line were a Day Solution with SPF 25 sunscreen and a Night Solution containing soothing peptides. Initially, there was just one formula;  then Mary Kay created Timewise for normal-to-dry skin and another formula for combination/oily skin.

The company made few improvements to the line over the years – until NOW. As of this month, Mary Kay has released its brand new Timewise Age Minimize 3D Skin Care, which is designed to help women take even better care of their skin in these times of stress, pollution and other factors that can impact how fast our skin ages.

WWN member and Mary Kay consultant Chris Hansen will share more about these products on Thursday, May 24,  at the Whatcom Women's Network meeting starting at noon. Come to learn about skin care and maybe walk away with a fun prize!

A new option in pet cremation

Bobbie Ruth Langley of Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets speaks this week about a new offering for its clients. Radiant Heart now works with Seattle-based Rooted Pet to provide soil cremation (pet composting) services. The developers have a strong background in professional commercial composting, and have developed a way to provide eco-friendly individual pet composting – for both bodies and cremated remains. Learn about the process and its benefits at our Thursday, May 10 meeting.