Asking the right question

On Thursday, Aug. 8, Dr. Jenny Nguyen of VN Research will be presenting on level of measurements in survey design and statistical analysis. You might not realize that the way survey questions are asked can affect the answers. Nguyen will provide some examples of question wording and how the wording affects the statistical analysis. She will also discuss the importance of making research-based and data-driven decisions.

Reach your customers with email marketing

What if the world of social media imploded tomorrow? How would you reach your customers and prospects? Your email list isn’t beholden to an outside entity – you have control of what you send, when you send it and to whom. Email marketing can be used to generate leads, promote products and services, and build relationships. Learn more on Thursday, Aug. 1, when content marketing specialist Hilary Parker, principal of Storied Creative Services, is our speaker.

Chris Hansen: How did I get here?

Following a career for a public utility for just over 30 years (11 years in various non-management positions, 19 years as a manager in various groups), Chris Hansen needed to figure out what to do in "retirement." Sit around and watch TV (and eat bonbons)? No, that just wouldn't do!

The answer – and so much more – came via her then next-door neighbor (a Mary Kay sales director), who had some ideas for her ... and nearly 20 years later Chris is enjoying a second career with Mary Kay, as well as enjoying her retirement to the fullest.

Come hear Chris's story on Thursday, July 25, at noon at the Gateway Centre's third floor conference room. Although she won't be talking specifically about products, there will still be a drawing (or two or three)!

Kerri-Elizabeth, Esthetician, Renaissance woman

Kerri-Elizabeth Cawyer says she’s a Renaissance woman at heart. Owner of Kerri-Elizabeth Esthetics, she also has more than 35 years of fitness and nutrition experience. It seemed natural to add skin and muscle techniques to her business.

“I was evolving into more than just personal training people, I was serving their lives at a much deeper level by investing in their story for future success.”

Meet new WWN member Kerri-Elizabeth Thursday, July 18, when she is our featured speaker.

Are you an email hoarder?

We all hate to let things go, especially when we think there might just be a chance we could need it eventually. Sadly your home and office might look immaculate, but when it comes to your email, you’re actually a classic hoarder. As with any confined space, after a while your inbox will run out of room. And you know that will happen when you there are deadlines to meet or you are waiting for an important message to arrive.

Crystal King from NW Technology will give tips on how to take control of your email and easy ways to clear up space on your desktop. Join us on Thursday, June 27, noon at the Gateway Centre.

What it takes to be a web designer

Sarah Benn of Benn Design is our speaker for Thursday, June 20. Sarah will discuss the skill set that goes into being a successful web designer. Developing a sophisticated website requires both analytical abilities like coding, SEO optimization and wireframing as well as creative skills, such as enhancing photographs, page design and copywriting. When you’re selecting a website designer, look for one with well-rounded experience.

Join us at noon, June 20, at the Gateway Centre for Sarah’s presentation. Guests welcomed.

Siobhan Murphy, CPA

Siobhan Murphy, CPA and owner of Thrive Business Group in Bellingham, is our speaker for Thursday, June 13. She has applied her accounting and business experience to a wide range of industries including not-for-profit, public accounting, privately held small business, home-based business, and individuals. She has served businesses from start-up to millions of dollars in annual sales with specialization in businesses from $0 - $500,000 in annual profit.

A look back with Julie Carpenter

Realtor Julie Carpenter started her career as a full-time real estate broker in 1995 with the help of the Bellingham Women’s Leads Club. That club transformed into the local-only Whatcom Women’s Network. Julie was director and Leader of the Year of Leads Club multiple times, and has served as director of WWN multiple terms as well. On Thursday, June 6, she will be giving a brief personal history and talking about some of the opportunities she’s had to do business and give back to the community thanks to her 24 year career as a real estate broker and WWN member.

What's new at Sustainable Connections

2019 is already a big year for this local nonprofit! Membership & Think Local First Manager Becca Weathers of Sustainable Connections will give a quick update of recent mergers, new projects and upcoming events within the organization and how local businesses can get involved and benefit. Don’t miss this Thursday, May 23, to learn more about Sustainable Connections.