Medicare Basics Free Talk - Bellingham, WA

Take a quick "Quiz on Medicare" and learn the basics about Medicare and You.

When: Thursday June 9th, 2011 - 12:00pm
Where: Whatcom Women's Network weekly meeting at On Rice - Fairhaven
Presenter: Teresa Nansen, VibrantUSA


Whether you are turning 65 or have been part of Medicare for years, having a helping hand to understand the world of Medicare can be invaluable.  Teresa Nansen of VibrantUSA is just that helping hand. As an independent agent, Teresa's service is free to you. She assists you in navigating more than 30 regional and national insurance companies with over 50 plan variations.

"At VibrantUSA, our mission is to help our clients find the insurance coverage that best fits their needs and budget. We are unbiased in our presentation, always making certain that a client's doctors will contract with the plans we present for comparison."  --Teresa Nansen, VibrantUSA