Mary Kay's "Timewise" gets an update

In 2000 Mary Kay released a new line of skin care called Timewise. It was designed to help busy women take really good care of their skin – in less time, without having to use so many products. The main product, 3-in-1 Cleanser, combined three important steps – cleanse, exfoliate and freshen (tone). The skin care line also included Age-Fighting Moisturizer. Added to the line were a Day Solution with SPF 25 sunscreen and a Night Solution containing soothing peptides. Initially, there was just one formula;  then Mary Kay created Timewise for normal-to-dry skin and another formula for combination/oily skin.

The company made few improvements to the line over the years – until NOW. As of this month, Mary Kay has released its brand new Timewise Age Minimize 3D Skin Care, which is designed to help women take even better care of their skin in these times of stress, pollution and other factors that can impact how fast our skin ages.

WWN member and Mary Kay consultant Chris Hansen will share more about these products on Thursday, May 24,  at the Whatcom Women's Network meeting starting at noon. Come to learn about skin care and maybe walk away with a fun prize!