Learning the Difference Between Doing a Diet and Working with a Weight Loss Coach

A food plan or an exercise plan is easy to find. Go to any check-out line magazine rack, hop on Google, visit to the library or just about anywhere else, and you can get a diet or exercise plan that sounds doable, and you are off to the races.

Or are you? The vast majority of people who start one of these plans gives up within just a few days or, if they are tough, within a month.  And when the end comes, or the weight comes back, the dieter is left with the thoughts in their head. The ones that say you are lazy, undisciplined, have no self-control.

Dani offers a way to help cleaning up your thinking by using a tool she refers to as "The Model." In her May 18 talk to WWN,  she introduces The Model and demonstrate the power that you already have available at your fingertips.

Dani Bates has spent the past 24 years as a physical therapist in Whatcom County. She was the co-owner of Mountain View Physical Therapy for nearly 18 years, and continues to work part-time in the rehab field. Dani has had a lifelong passion for eating, real food, cooking and feeding people. Along with that came weight gain and the inevitable yo-yo cycle.

In September 2016 she shifted gears and spent a month in California doing an intense Life/Weight Loss Coach training. She now makes it her mission to free women from the shackles of the diet industry and the feelings of never being enough (thin enough, pretty enough, fit enough). With all the time and power women could reclaim for themselves if they got off this useless bandwagon, we could make some real positive changes for our country and our planet. So let’s get to work.