How I Became a Personal Historian - Sara Geballe, Memoir Crafters

From time to time WWN members tell their personal stories of how they chose their careers and developed their businesses. This week Sara Geballe of Memoir Crafters will share her professional journey which includes growing up in the Bronx, living in France, earning a Masters degree in Genetics, learning American Sign Language, editing a newspaper, and much more. She’ll explain about how her twin passions for writing and communicating are the common threads that have guided her along her path – which has not always been a straight line – and led her to creating Memoir Crafters. Memoir Crafters Every life is worth preserving for loved ones and future generations. Many people plan to write their memoirs, but find it hard to carve out the necessary time, or find it’s a much bigger job than they anticipated. Sadly, many stories never get written and are lost. As a personal historian, Sara Geballe of Memoir Crafters handles all the daunting and overwhelming aspects of writing your story. Clients simply sit down and engage in a series of conversations with her. From those recorded interviews Sara composes a first person manuscript using the client’s own words. Add to that manuscript the cherished photographs that make a the story jump off the page become transformed into a lovely, heirloom-quality book.

When: Thursday, July 31, 2014 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting Presenter: Sara Geballe, Memoir Crafters