"How Did I Get Here?" (or, "From Large Public Utility to Amazing Skin Care") - Chris Hansen, Mary Kay Cosmetics

On November 30 of this year, Chris Hansen celebrated her 15-year anniversary as part of the Mary Kay Inc. family.  She has been retired from her career job for 13½ years.  (Find out what her past career was.)
This week Chris will talk about the path she took that eventually led to her becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
But wait -- there's more!  Given that the holidays are upon us, she will bring along some of the latest products from Mary Kay.  From the "Fairytales & Fantasy" collection (limited edition) to the new items for the holidays and beyond, you'll be able to find a gift for that "hard to shop for" person in your life.  She'll have some great ideas for stocking stuffers as well as some classic gifts for you to give.  (You might even find a little something for yourself!)
And don't forget the drawings!

Happy Holidays!!

When: Thursday, December 5, 2013 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting Presenter: Chris Hansen, Mary Kay