Functional Movement and Why It's Important - Shasonta Delmage, LiveFit

Functional movements are movements based on real-world situations,  every day life.  Most of the time we don’t think about how we move in any given situation – picking up our groceries, laundry, going down the stairs, cutting vegetables – we just do it.

With increased awareness and the right technique, we elevate our movements from inefficient with a high potential for injury to moving with ease and strength.

At LiveFit we take  a holistic approach to health that combines functional fitness – having the strength to carry your groceries or participate in your favorite sport  – with the nutritional know-how to fuel your life.  Whether you want to jump start your workout by trying something new or just want to feel better through fitness and clean eating, LiveFit can help.
When: Thursday, September 4, 2014 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting Presenter: Shasonta Delmage, LiveFit