Far Infrared Light - Benefits and Theory, Traci Soriano, Vertias Massage Studio

Far Infrared Light has many therapeutic benefits.  Come not only hear about the benefits, but get to experience a TDP Far Infrared Light.  Infrared is not visible to our eyes, but we do experience as heat.  It is that comforting warm feeling of sunshine, however it's not to be confused with the more harmful ultraviolet light.  Our bodies have a high capacity to absorb the healing energy of far infrared and there are conditions, especially soft tissue damage, that greatly respond to this therapy. Traci Soriano is the owner and a licensed massage practitioner at Veritas Massage Studio.  Veritas Massage Studio provides highly skilled, therapeutic massage in a comfortable environment.  They strive to meet each persons individual needs.

When: Thursday, March 13, 2014 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting Presenter: Traci Soriano, LMP and Owner, Veritas Massage Studio