Coal Terminal in Whatcom County? A Dialogue

  No doubt you've heard some of the hubub around a potential terminal at Cherry Point in Whatcom County for international shipping of commodities including coal.  Public discourse has drawn huge audiences charged with passion on both sides of the issue.

At WWN, we strive to serve our community by growing local businesses, supporting local charities, and fostering a network of relationships one person at a time.

Toward the goal of being fully informed citizens and supporting our community to make informed decisions, we have invited representatives of both sides of the "coal terminal debate" to share their information and perspectives in a respectful and balanced dialogue.


Please RSVP to: director {at sign}

When: Thursday September 29th, 2011 – 12:00pm – 1:15pm
Where: WWN weekly lunch meeting at On Rice – Fairhaven
Guest Presenters: Bob Ferris, ReSources & Craig Cole, Gateway Pacific Terminal


Although our members will certainly have personal opinions on the topic, as an organization we strive to remain politically neutral and present a fair opportunity to explore the issues from multiple perspectives.  We invite you to join us.