What's new at Sustainable Connections

2019 is already a big year for this local nonprofit! Membership & Think Local First Manager Becca Weathers of Sustainable Connections will give a quick update of recent mergers, new projects and upcoming events within the organization and how local businesses can get involved and benefit. Don’t miss this Thursday, May 23, to learn more about Sustainable Connections.

Siobhan Murphy, CPA

Siobhan Murphy, CPA and owner of Thrive Business Group in Bellingham, is our speaker for Thursday, May 16. She has applied her accounting and business experience to a wide range of industries including not-for-profit, public accounting, privately held small business, home-based business, and individuals. She has served businesses from start-up to millions of dollars in annual sales with specialization in businesses from $0 - $500,000 in annual profit.

Get to know Home Attendant Care

This week’s guest speaker is Debbie Gann of Home Attendant Care. Debbie joined Home Attendant Care in 1997. She progressed through various positions in the company and worked hard to establish HAC’s reputation of quick response with quality in-home care. As company founder Bruce Gearhart neared retirement it was clear to him that Debbie would be the one to carry on the strengths and values of the organization.

Today, Home Attendant Care continues as a locally owned company operating in Whatcom, Island, San Juan, North Snohomish and Skagit counties. The company has earned the trust and respect of healthcare industry peers and they take pride in serving and advocating for the rights of our elder population.

Join us for Debbie Gann’s talk at noon on April 11 at the Gateway Centre.

Springtime beauty with Mary Kay

Weren't we just shoveling snow just a few weeks ago? Clearly, spring has arrived, and Mary Kay has been preparing for it for quite some time! Let Chris Hansen, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, guide you through spring with some new products on Thursday, April 4.

For starters, Mary Kay is offering some beautiful lip tints such as "Magenta Mirage," "Canyon Coral" and "Desert Flora." These lightweight, water-based shades can give you a bare lip look – which you can build upon for the level of intensity you desire. Another fun item for this season is the Limited Edition Illuminating Drops in three shades: "Silver Sands," "Bronze Light," and "Golden Horizon." These drops can be used to illuminate certain areas of your face, collarbone, shoulders or neck to give you that sun-kissed effect. The one-of-a-kind dropper cap allows the fluid to be released drop by drop, so you can't overdo it.

Looking for eye shadows and blushes? Mary Kay has 33 new shadows (of which 15 are matte) and 10 new blushes. It's an explosion of new colors for you to apply, whether for everyday use or an upcoming special occasion. Chris will bring along lipstick and lip gloss samples, too. And she’ll briefly review Mary Kay's skin care lines – "skin care for every decade of a woman's life."

Drawings? Did somebody ask for drawings? There will be about five drawings for prizes, too!

So come to Whatcom Women's Network at noon on Thursday, April 4, for some springtime beauty inspiration.

Making data-driven decisions

As business owners, we make important decisions every day. Yet, when was the last time that we made a data-driven or evidence-based decision? On Thursday, March 28, Dr. Jenny Nguyen of VN Research will be presenting on the importance of survey research. She will provide examples of survey question wording and do a quick overview of her company’s survey software. Dr. Nguyen has more than seven years of experience working with local and national organizations and agencies in making data-driven decision. Join us at noon at the Gateway Centre.

2019's most important digital-marketing skill

On Thursday, March 21, Sarah Benn of Benn Design will discuss how professional writing is the most important digital-marketing skill for 2019. Any successful digital-marketing campaign – including video, podcasts, blogs, social networking platforms, analytics, email marketing or SEO – is built upon well-structured and compelling content. To convey your message with maximum impact, your best investment is to hire a professional writer.

Choosing the right business structure

On Thursday, March 14, join local attorney Emily Rose Mowrey, owner of Limitless Law PLLC, to find out the different options available to new business owners who are choosing how to organize their venture: Corporation or LLC? Sole proprietorship or partnership?  Emily will explain the pros and cons of each type of business to help entrepreneurs protect themselves and prevent legal problems down the road by structuring their business for success!