Net Neutrality

WWN member Sarah Benn will be discussing Net Neutrality at our March 28 meeting. She will be defining the concept and outlining how it affects each of us and our businesses. She will also review current legislation regarding net neutrality, both on the Federal level and in Washington state.

Sarah Benn owns Benn Design, providing graphic design for both web and print. 

What if I told you you had never failed before?

As humans wired for survival, we have three primary guiding principles, and once we understand them we will recognize that everything that has happened to us is a learning opportunity instead of a success or failure.

WWN member and Weight Loss Coach Dani Bates will share with us those three guiding principles on March 22. Get ready to explode your beliefs about why you can't lose weight!

The 411 on rehab loans

Hoping to make some home improvements on your new or existing home? How will you finance those changes? Brenda Bringhurst, mortgage loan officer with Heritage Bank (NMLS #112615), will speak about rehab loans and how they can benefit buyers or current homeowners by allowing them to customize or improve a home with very little cash out of pocket.